Thursday, 7 June 2012

OPPORTUNITIES: Great resource for pattern cutting jobs

Pattern Cutting is one of the great unsung roles in fashion. 
We get many a university student, mid-degree, come to our drop in sessions or pattern cutting classes looking to learn this essential skill to boost their portfolio and their skills. It’s a trade in its own right, and it’s a real shame that many fashion design degree courses don’t seem to offer an industry level of tuition in this subject; a good pattern cutter will never be without work, in the sense that it is a trade, one we have in recent years seemingly forgotten.

Many of the students we have through our Pattern Cutting classes at Fashion Antidote go onto jobs within the industry, behind the scenes with designers and fashion houses, vital cogs in the fashion machine.

A great resource for such jobs is the University of the Arts Creative Opportunities section of their website. Although it says the places are for university of the arts graduates only, as that’s where the resource is from, all jobs are of course open to all applicants, and the list is often updates with Pattern Cutting vacancies. Although highly competitive, definitely opportunities to be grabbed!

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